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Jojoba is a light golden liquid “wax”, not actually an oil.  It is naturally high in vitamin E.

It is non-allergenic, and so stable that it needs no refrigeration.  It can tolerate heating and reheating, without oxidizing, breaking down or going rancid, making it perfect for hot stone therapy or any method using heated oil.  It does not clog pores, as does mineral oil.

Jojoba adds a soft, gentle, and nurturing energy to blends, on emotional and energetic levels. It is nourishing and soothing, and brings an element of comfort into the therapeutic atmosphere, to aid in creating a safe place to release what is no longer beneficial.

It has a smooth non-greasy texture, which absorbs into skin quickly.

Jojoba can be stored for years without going rancid, when kept in a cool dark place.

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More About Jojoba

Size:  100 ml violet glass bottle OR 8 oz BPA-free plastic bottle  OR  16 oz BPA-free plastic bottle

Source:  Arizona, USA

Process: C0ld pressed from the seeds.

Botanical name: Simmondsia chinensis

Some of the benefits to using jojoba are listed here.

  • It remains liquid at low temperatures.
  • Because jojoba is actually a wax that is molecularly similar to our own skin excretion (sebum), it is more easily absorbed and assimilated into the skin than oils.
  • Jojoba has a very soft fragrance of its own, yet it takes on the scent of any oil that is blended with it, and acts as a natural fixative.
  • Ours is organically grown, and pressed on a farm in Arizona.  It is made from quality selected seeds.  The left over cake is never pressed again, extracted with solvents, refined, de-colored, de-odorized, or de-gummed.   Most of the commercially sold jojoba is.  All of these practices affect the wholeness of the product and result in a lower quality and frequency.
  • It is so light that it will pass through a pump sprayer.  This makes it an ideal product for natural perfumers who don’t want to use alcohol as a carrier, because it is the lightest of all the carrier oils.
  • It leaves skin feeling smooth without that greasy feeling.

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16 oz BPA-free plastic bottle, 8 oz BPA_free Plastic bottle, 100 ml violet bottle

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