Kalahari Melon Seed Botanical Oil Skin Enhancer


The light texture of Kalahari melon seed botanical oil is a perfect facial treatment oil.  It is good for dry skin, aging skin, and skin with clogged pores.  It is easily absorbed into the skin to nourish at deep levels.  It is highly cleansing, opens pores, and stimulates circulation.   For a radical skin toning treatment, combine Kalahari melon seed botanical oil with red raspberry seed botanical oil.  This combination really nourishes skin, tightens sags  and smoothes wrinkles.  It is also wonderful for rashes, eczema, acne, and other skin conditions.


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Size:  30 ml violet glass bottle  OR  8 oz blue plastic pump bottle

Source:   South Africa

Production Method:  Cold pressed from the specially dried seeds of wild Kalahari watermelons

Botanical name:  Citrullus lanatus (also known as Citrullis vulgaris)

Note:  Non-comedogenic–safe for acne

About Kalahari Melon Seed Botanical Oil

Once protected by the cosmetic industry as a proprietary ingredient, Kalahari melon seed botanical oil is super high in linoleic acid.  Linoleic acid is highly regenerating and restores skin cells.  This wild watermelon oil is known for the following properties:

  • Repairs and protects skin from the detrimental effects of the environment and aging
  • Unclogs pores and removes excess sebum from face
  • Powerful antioxidant has a hydrating and tightening effect when applied to skin
  • Surprisingly light texture, it is readily absorbed by the skin
  • Helps repair damaged skin and scars
  • Reduces inflammation from acne and other inflammatory conditions
  • Makes a great oil treatment for hair and scalp;  it’s light non-greasy texture make it easier to shampoo out after treatment

Aromatherapists are using Kalahari melon seed botanical oil for cleansing the face.  Here is how to use it:

First, apply a few drops of the oil to your hand.  Massage the oil into the skin of  your face, using circular strokes or upward strokes.

Afterward, wipe it down with a warm wet cloth such as flannel.  It can often absorb so quickly that you may not even need this step!

Kalahari oil also works wonders as a hair conditioner.  Apply 10 drops into your shampoo or conditioner and mix it in well before use.  Alternatively, you can apply just a few drops of undiluted oil to your hair and massage it in after shampooing.  This can be a deep oil treatment!  Leave it in until the next time you shampoo.

It is a fine carrier, and wonderful ingredient for all of your lotions, serums, cremes, and balms.


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8 oz plastic pump bottle, 30 ml violet bottle

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