Downloadable Booklet: 13 Power Smoothies


Free!  Download our booklet, 13 Power Smoothies for Life now.

Contains 13 time tested recipes for acquiring and maintaining vibrant health.  The best edge against aging and chronic disease that anyone can give us is the knowledge of what we need to eat (or drink) to get our necessary nutrients every day.

This little booklet will give you the guidance to get started on your journey to a higher frequency, healthier body, and happier you!

13 Power Smoothies for Life Recipe Book


Download it now–print it out.  It is only 33 pages of light infused information!  Defy aging, recover from chronic conditions and diseases, maintain vibrant health through the stresses of modern day living.

These recipes are a gift to all who desire a jump start into the next level of health.  Enjoy!

From Kathryn & Michael, with blessings for  radiant health and long life!



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