Inhaler Blanks for Essential Oils


Inhaler Blanks

Inhalers can provide support for asthma, difficult breathing, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, and all kinds of respiratory conditions.

They are also helpful for:

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Size:   Package of 6  inhaler blanks (add your own essential oils)

How to Use Inhaler Blanks

Place about 15 to 20 drops of selected oils on the wick.   Place wick inside the inhaler, and insert the plug on the bottom.

Screw on the cover between uses to keep it lasting for months.

Whenever you need aromatic support, remove the cover.  Place the inhaler tip into the opening of your nostril, with your finger covering the other nostril.  Take several deep, slow inhaling breaths.

Repeat with the other nostril, and replace the inhaler cover.

This is an easy way to travel with aromatherapy!

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