Green Nutrient for Cleansing & Rebuilding

This Green Nutrient smoothie additive provides a highly bioavailable source of vitamins and minerals. It is designed to support the body’s nutritional needs through the cleansing and rebuilding processes. Here are some of the benefits that this recipe offers when used on a daily basis:

  • Supports the rebuilding of adrenal glands, provides natural energy without sugar or caffeine.
  • Helps balance blood sugar, whether it is high or low.
  • Use it daily as a meal replacement to assist with weight loss.
  • Good for anemia, builds blood and raises the blood counts.
  • Supplies balanced nutrition to help children get off ADD drugs such as Ritalin, especially when accompanied by a “no added sugar” diet.
  • Good for mothers during pregnancy and lactation, as a replacement for synthetic vitamins; for children, and for the elderly.
  • Green Nutrient supplies highly digestible vitamins and minerals that can eliminate food cravings.
  • Supports liver and gall bladder cleansing and rebuilding, metabolism cleansing, blood cleansing, brain health and cognition, glandular and cellular health.
  • Contraindications: This formula is high in potassium. Don’t take it if you have renal failure, are on dialysis, or are on a low potassium diet.

Green Nutrient Recipe

  • Spirulina 1 T
  • Chlorella broken cell algae (I prefer Blue Magic) 1 T
  • Nettle leaf, dried 3 T
  • Purple dulse seaweed (or Kelp) 2 t
  • Wheat grass powder 3 T
  • Alfalfa 1 T
  • Barley Grass 1 T 
  • Astragalus root powder 1 t
  • Rose hips dried 2 T
  • Orange peel and lemon peel 1 t each or 2 t of either one
  • Beet root powder 2 t 
  • Non-active fortified nutritional yeast 2 T 
  • Lemon essential oil 2 drops
  • Put all powders in a bowl. Place the rest of the ingredients in Vita-mix or a high speed blender, and blend on high until it turns into powder. Then mix the two together with a spoon.
  • Dose: 1 t Green Nutrient powder in a smoothie or juice, once a day. For weight loss support, use it up to twice daily.

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