ALLERGIES? Allergy Season Recipes

Allergy Season Recipes
Ragweed plants (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) cause allergy

Allergy Season Recipes

Allergy season is here!  Are you confining yourself to the indoors, avoiding the Great Outdoors, because of allergies? Allergies can be debilitating, and contribute to depression, anxiety, and stress. If you have allergies, try these allergy season recipes for the  aromatic tools that you need to beat them and set yourself free again!

For Frontline Support

When you are already under attack, and need help now—try dabbing a drop of  Allergy Freedom Essential Oil under your nose, or placing a  drop on a tissue and putting it in your nostril.   It can also be diluted and applied to the lymph glands before getting into a shower.  

For skin allergies, rashes, and irritations; try spraying Allergy Freedom Spray on skin.  

For extra heavy duty clearing, you can spray it into the back of your throat, and inhale it into your nostrils, to relieve the itching, and decrease mucus production.   


In order to get a long term protective effect, remember to drink nettles tea beginning about a month BEFORE allergy season starts.  You can build immunity before hand to have a different experience of the season altogether.  Simply steep the dried stinging nettles in water to make a tea, taking one cup daily until allergy season is over.  

For a ready made herbal supplement that can neutralize allergic symptoms, try our One Source Allergy Relief with Jade Elixir, available online.


Into one 5ml bottle, add:

Moroccan Chamomile—30 drops

Peppermint—30 drops

Goldenrod—10 drops

St Johnswort—10 drops

Cypress—to fill, about 20 drops


Into one 100ml or 4oz bottle, add:

Moroccan chamomile—10 drops

Peppermint—10 drops

Goldenrod—3 drops

St Johnswort—3 drops

Cypress—7 drops

Fill with helichrysom hydrosol.  Shake well before use.


Moroccan Chamomile is a powerful anti-histamine.  It is one of the strongest anti-allergenic essential oils known.  It works by inhibiting the original release of histamine, so the whole cascade of inflammatory processes is not initiated.

Peppermint helps to clear the sinuses. It is cooling and comforting. 

Goldenrod has anti-allergenic properties, and is especially helpful for reducing the reaction to animal dander, dust mites, and other respiratory  system irritants.

St Johnswort is highly anti-inflammatory, slightly sedating, and acts as a tonic for the liver, endocrine & immune systems.  It is especially good for rebuilding the immune system.

Cypress is relaxing, soothes pain, opens bronchial tubes, and clears congestion.  

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